leighanna rhodes

makeup artist

tell us about your background?

“By the age of 13, I had already developed my own skin care regimen. I loved face washes, moisturizers, and that fresh feeling after you cleanse your face. My sophomore year of high school I started really playing around with make-up. I was infatuated with what it could do to a face, and how great it could make me look and feel even on my bad days. The fall after I graduated high school I attended Advance Beauty College and studied make up and skin care, where I found that I could truly help people look and feel beautiful about themselves. I was named a mentor among my class, helping new students that came in. I then received my esthetician’s license in January of 2015, and am now specializing in every day, special occasions and bridal makeup. My dream is to be a make-up artist and stylist for high fashion runways, shoots and magazines”

what drives you?

My eagerness to show the world what I’ve got

who inspires me creatively?

Micheline Pitt & Jaclyn Hill. Their success, passion, and drive in the makeup industry is everything I strive to be one day

favorite movie?

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

what do you like to do for playtime?

Music festivals!!! I love to dance & sing. Let’s boogie!

what brought you to the house salon?

“I was brought to the house salon by the enthusiasm and passion I knew this salon was going to bring the day I met the owners, Andrea and Jayne. I knew that something amazing was in the works and I wanted to be a part of it.”