sarah verbeerst


tell us about your background as a stylist?
Hi! My name is Sarah Verbeerst. I wanted to be a hairstylist since I was a kid! I thought hairstylists were the coolest. And we are ;). Blondes and color are my favorite. I love being creative and completely changing someone’s look to make them feel and look their most confident. I’ve worked in salons from South Orange County to Beverly Hills, but my heart is here, in Orange County, at the house salon.

what drives you? 
I’m driven by all things happy and interesting, people, places, things. It all gets my creative side going. 

what makes me smile?
My fellow stylists. They come first because they give me what I need to be the best version of myself and then my clients. My business wouldn’t be what it is without them. Somehow I’ve been blessed with extremely amazing clients. Every single one of them.

what did you want to be when you grew up? 
At 5 years old I wanted to be a business owner, be apart of corporate America, a hairdresser, a soccer player and an off-roading master on a horse and the dirt bike. Let’s just say I’ve been always been all over the place with my ideas. I like to dream big.

what brought you to the house salon? 

My hair besties, Andrea and the amazing energy this salon provides. 

Originally, one of biggest influences, Anna, had spoken about her amazing experience there. She has been in this industry a long time & I trust her opinion, a lot. And she wasn’t wrong! Slowly as 3 more of our fellow stylist friends ended up trickling over I really started to believe that the happy feeling I got every time I walked in there was real. 

Now, there are 6 of us that have gratefully been adopted into The House family and we are overly appreciative of this space. 

Besides the awesome people, Andrea was endlessly kind with me. I had inquired multiple times about working here as I was hesitant about being back in a salon setting after a few different experiences. After my final decision to move she continued to happily accept me to be apart of extremely talented team. 

And lastly, the energy. I’ve never been in a salon with such happy, grateful and energized, energy. It’s fresh, clean and relaxing!

Walking into the salon from my first day, I’ve loved the energy put out by every person and the environment. Every client that sits in my chair has something positive to say and is constantly asking how I’m liking it. It’s always a no brainer that they believe I’m so happy in this space. They see it in me and they see it in my work. 

Grateful is an understatement. This has been my best move yet.