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linda dineen


tell us about your background as a stylist?

In 2007 I made a career change to fulfill a childhood dream to become a hairdresser. I’ve had 9 years of training in Loreal Professional and Toni & Guy, and in 2010 I was fortunate enough to help launch Loreal Professionels INOA Revolution and participate in the INOA L.A.M.B. Fashion Show events. Following that, I was a color educator for an in-house salon assistant program. I attended Toni & Guy Academy in Santa Monica, CA (2009), Toni & Guy Academy in Soho, New York (2012) and Loreal Professionnel West Coast Academy (2014). Currently certified in Hotheads, Dream Catchers, and Raccoon Internail hair extensions. As well as Keratin Coppola Complex and the original Brazilian Blowout.

what drives you?

My clients- Keeping them up to date on the latest trends and fashions by continuing my education in and outside of the salon.  From Linda: One of the most rewarding aspects of my career is transforming my clients and making them feel beautiful from the inside out.

what makes you smile?

My family & laughter.

hidden talent?

Belly Dancer

dinner with anyone? who would It be?

My husband. He is my best friend.

what do you like to do for playtime?

Going to music festivals & dancing like nobody’s watching!

what brought you to the house salon?

First, it’s ambiance. Then it was the name, it’s not only “the house” but also so close to home! And I also love “house” music!! It was destiny. ;)