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morgan masters

stylist / color specialist

tell us about your background as a stylist?

“My stylist career started in 7th grade, the very first time I got highlights.  I don’t know what it was but I was drawn towards it all.  In 8th grade I cut my own hair and when my mom took me in to “get it fixed” my stylist said it actually wasn’t bad just a little uneven.  In high school I started doing my own color as well as a few family members.  I always did my own hair as well as my friends for all the school dances.  After high school I attended cosmetology school at Paul Mitchell.  I graduated in 2010 and got a job in a salon 2 days later and have been enjoying it ever since.”

favorite rock star?

Sam Hunt, we will get married one day……he just doesn’t know it yet.

favorite food?

Hot Cheetos!  And I also love Mexican food!

what do you do on your down time?

On Sundays I like to be in my PJ’s all day watching Netflix and cuddling with my dogs.

favorite movie star?

Zach Efron, if things don’t work out with Sam, Zach is my other love.

what brought you to the house salon?

“I was looking for a salon that fit my style and personality with fellow like-minded sylists. I was not in any hurry to make a move for I wanted it to be the right one. The moment I walked into the house and met Andrea I knew it was going to be my home! I am beyond happy with my decision to work at the house and am so grateful to be a part of something so wonderful.”