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delanie mckim


tell us about your background as a stylist:

I have been a stylist for a year now. I specialize in blonding sevices. The bigger the transformation the better! I will take on any challenge or color correction. Nothing scares me. I also love cutting, color, treatments, and styling!

what drives you:

I feel like I am constantly striving to be a better version of myself. I am always wanting to learn and try new things. Our lives our so short; and I always want to make the best of it. Whether that’s traveling somewhere new, trying new and crazy foods, or meeting new people.

5 years old:

I wanted to be an artist. I had always dreamed of painting things and drawing. I have such a creative mind and I love trying new things and making things beautiful. I love love love transformations! I like to think I still followed my dream of being an artist. But instead of painting a canvas, I’m painting hair. Which in my opinion is so much more fun!!

favorite quote:

“Strive for progress not perfection, seek what sets your soul on fire”

fashion Inspo:

I feel like I don’t have one! Some days I’m light and bright with my clothes, and other days I want to wear all black and be bold with an accessory. The more laid back and comfortable, the better.

favorite movie star :

Blake lively. She seems so warm and down to earth. You always see her with a smile on her face and never in any drama or “hot news”. If I could be her, I would! Plus I would be married to Ryan Gosling, so who could really complain about that?

favorite color :

Gold! It’s so beautiful and timeless. It’s old fashion yet modern at the same time which is exactly how I would describe myself

what brought you to the house salon:

When I was in beauty school, I remember the exact day I saw it on Instagram, and told myself it would be my goal to work there. When I did my assisting apprenticeship at another salon, I truly could never get the house salon out of my head. It’s beautiful, clean, and welcoming. I had prayed to god about it, and he gave me multiple signs that this would be my next step. So when I pursued it, it had all fallen into place. Thank god!