Meagan Hopkins


tell us about your background as a stylist? 

Hair has been my passion ever since I was a little girl! Growing up with a mom in the industry, and a mini salon built into our garage that I loved to “play pretend” with my sisters being my clients! From then on hair was all I ever wanted to do. I graduated from high school and started at advanced beauty college shortly after!

what drives you?

What drives me more then anything in this industry is the stylists surrounding me! I feel so fortunate to get to work around such inspiring and creative stylists. I love bouncing ideas off of other stylist, sharing/ embracing knowledge and techniques! There is ALWAYS something to learn!

favorite food?

Mexican hands down! Once I start on the chips and salsa its game over! 

favorite saying/ quote?

“Take the road less traveled”. Actually have it tattooed on my foot. Reminder to always be a leader, not a follower!

what do you like to do for play time?

I love going to orange theory! My favorite workout and stress reliever! 

I also love spending time with my group of girlfriends or my boyfriend! 

what brought you to the house?

Well for obvious reason being that it’s a beautiful salon. I love how open and modern the salon is, yet it still has a cozy home kind of feeling. All of the other stylists and the owners are all so helpful and everyone is here to encourage each other and see each other succeed. The vibe is always so positive! And of course, working at the same salon as my mom is just an added bonus!