dave mazza


tell us about your background as a stylist?

I started out early in my career traveling the world as an educator for a few different companies, getting to work along side of some amazingly talented people. I was lucky enough along the way to do some styling for the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards. I've also owned my own salon for 24 years and was able to share that knowledge, training young hairdressers in our industry coming out of beauty school on hair cutting, color and building a clientele. I have a deep passion for this industry and for making my clients happy.

what makes me smile?

My 3 boys make me smile daily,  along with a good sunrise and sunset.

favorite movies?

Goodfellows Shawshank redemption and silver lining playbook  

favorite quote?

The only place success comes before work is in a dictionary

what do you do on a rainy day?

Pray for sun? Actually rain in so cal usually means snow in the mountains so that's where you'll find me.

favorite movie star?

Just one?? Deniro... Pacino... Denzel... Christian Bale 

what brought you to the house salon? 

When things are cool you hear about them. There's a buzz. And I heard about this salon about 18 months prior to starting here. The space is beautiful and it inspires creativity. It's beyond unique in aesthetics and the staff is very talented. I knew that The House was a team I wanted to be a part of.