what's in a name?

the house salon, is a home. it is a place where a group of passionate stylists, colorists and talented hair artists have bonded together as a family. when we first saw the space our eyes went directly to the volume of the ceilings, the openness like nothing we had ever seen in a salon, the natural light that radiates from both sides is truly spectacular. it is all brought together by a fireplace smack dab in the center of it all. you can immediately feel the warmth in our spacious “living room” and our intimate “lounge”. the house prides itself on carrying an array of top notch hair products that can be tailored to your individual needs as well as our “house goods” corner that carries fun clothing, yummy body products and the best gift items. when andrea and jayne made the commitment to open the salon, the atmosphere, space and vibe was of the utmost importance. we bounced off countless names for this salon but couldn't envision anything else...it's not just the house, it's a home….and one with heart! we welcome you to our house!